Same Day or 24Hrs. Printing!!, 24/7 Services for Printing, Designing, Quote / Questions. FREE 1 Hour Artwork / Setup Charges, 10lb ground shipping, Keep / Review Records, Direct Meeting & Direct Delivery (Detroit MI-Tri County areas only). Our FREE Local Pickup "7 days a week" ( 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM ) !

           Signs & Banners

Same Day Printing Service: Bulk Order Discount for the Signs and Banners are limited up to 45%. We are using HD Color Printing Technology; our goal is to serve with you with a smile. From our 24/7 Printing Services - you can place Order, request Quote or for Setup an Artwork. Our FREE Over Night Shipping Services are limited up to 10lb; over the limit charges will apply. Our FREE services are also included One Hour Digital Setup/Artwork, Keep and Review Records, Quote, Questions & Technical Support. We are offering Obituary Funeral Program Fast Track Sameday Designing and Printing Services. Our “7days a week services”; included Door to Door Direct Delivery / Event Location Spot Delivery (Metro Detroit Local Areas only).

Vinyl/Flex Banner

Same Day or 24/7 Production:Bulk Order Discount are limited up to 60% . We offer 13oz, 15oz, 16oz and 18oz thickness Matt / Gloss banner with Single or Double Sided. Our 15oz-18oz Banner material are suitable for the street banners and light pole banners. Corner Welding Plate, Hem and Grommets are Free; Rope and Pole Pockets are our low cost services. We offer HD with high resolution printing 720 x 720dpi.


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Retractable / Roll up Banner $160

"Aluminum Retractable Hardware, Banner and Carrying Bag are included with the listed price“, please check with us for the LED Lights. Our standard size are 33.46 x 64 and 33 x 78-81 inches. For the double side printing-Add $40 to the listed price. Our Bigger size banners are ECONOMY and JUMBO, for the Economy size banner printing-Add $40 to the listed price and for the Jumbo size banner printing-Add $70 to the listed price. Economy banner printing available sizes are in inches 47 X 78-81, 48 x 90-92, 36 x 80-92, 48 x 92. Our Jumbo size is 60 x 90-92. Please check with us for the small size banner printing 23" x 66", 23" x 83", 24" x 81". The roller type banners having its own stand, set up time is too short. Upon your request we do Artwork / Digital "additional charges will apply".

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Step & Repeat BackdropBanner $130

Our standard size is 8'x8, the listed price include only the Banner / Display, it may be Vinyl or Fabric. We have addtional options - additonal charges will apply "Pole Pockets $30, adjustable Heavy Duty Hardware Stand $100 for the banner 10'x9' (W x H) - (100% original MOUNTDOG brand new, made of 100% aluminum material, stable and no wobbly even though outdoor use - maximum load capacity of the banner stand is 30lb; Banner stand specifications are [4x] Cross bar extend to 10'W, 1.4inch diameter pipe (Cross Bar), 4 x spring clamps, 2 x base and 1 x Carry Bag). We sell Jumbo display banner 10'x9' Add $50 to the listed price.

No-Curl Stand / X-Stand Banner $150

"Same Day Printing:" It's easy to get your replacement, no-curl banner and have it fit your stand perfectly 33.448" X 85". You never get a second chance to make a first impression; is great way to create a large graphic display with low cost. It is so simple to assemble - a stabilizing foot clips into the banner cassette and a supporting rod giving a solid tensioned Banner Stand. Price comes with High Quality Banner & Connector kit with Carry Case (Silver Aluminum low profile connector kit frame).

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Flag $200

Flags can be useful for the Indoor and Outdoor events purposes, we can Advertise our Messages through flags. The available types are Econo Feather Flag, Feather Angled Flag, Rectangle Flag and Teardrop Flag. Econo Feather and Teardrop are the best selling flags with Single Side print through REVERSE (optional Reverse Side Vision). 7-16ft are the standard selling sizes, for the double side Printing Add $50 more to the regular price. All the flags come with Scratch resistant 4 oz. polyester with digital print - 720 x 720dpi. Price incude FREE flag material and we have Optional Base selections and Carry bag (Carry Bag $10, Cross Base $15, Cross Base + Water Bag $20 and Cross Base + Ground Stake $25). Our normal Production Time Frame is 4-5 Working Days, we do RUSH Orders.

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Table Top Banner Stand $125

Classic: Table Top Retractable Banner comes with stand. Available sizes are 8.50" x 11.875", 11 x 17.25" and 15.75" x 32.125". 9 oz Premium Polyester Fabric or smooth 13 oz. matte Vinyl are using for printing materials . The base is using Aluminum Stand with Extension Pole.

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Coroplast / Yard Signs $80 - 48"X96"

Standard Size is 24" x 18" @ 10qty, Indoor and Outdoor use. Durable, Long Lasting and Less Expensive display board. For the double side printing add $20 to the listed price. Available thickness are 4mm –Standard (3/16 inch or "almost .25"), 6mm (1/4 inch or .25") and 10mm (3/8 inch or .375"). Additional options are UV Gloss finish and Step Stakes/Post. FREE trim sizes are 24 x 18 #10, 18 X 24 #8, 18 X 30 #6, 24 x 20 #8, 30 X 18 #8, 20 X 30 #6, 24 X 24 #8, 22 x 27 #6, 22 x 27 #6, 22 x 28 #6, 22 x 30 #6, 24 x 6 #32, 14 x 24 #12, 12 x 34 #10, 14 x 10 #27, 18 x 18 #10, 18 X 12 #16, 24 x 16 #12, 24 x 30 #6, 24 x 31 #6, 24 x 36 #5, 24 x 48 #4, 24 x 96 #2, 29 x 10.5 #12, 30 x 18 #8, 32 x 16 #9. Please check with us for more available sizes. We print Shapes 16" x 23" Horizontal-Oval; 18" x 24" Horizontal-Arrow; 22" x 23" -Star; 23"- Circle; 23" x 23"- Octagon; 23" x 23"- House; 23" x 23"- Apartment. Upon your request we do Artwork / Digital file setup; additional charges will apply. NOTE: STEP STAKES / POST are not included; 10" x 30" 9 Gauge Wire Step Stakes $1.25 each. For UV GLOSS FINISH print add $5 - $6 SD/DS to the listed price. For the shipping purposes, bigger sized items must be scored and fold.

Polyair, Polystyrene, PVC, Foam Core 48" X 96" $100, $110, $130 & $140

POLYAIR Polyair signs are plastic material with bubble core, smooth & light white semi-rigid finish. Available sizes are 4mm (3/16 inch or "almost .25") & 9.5mm (3/8 inch or .375"), Additional options are Gloss finish $5/$6 S1/S2 and FREE Trim. POLYSTYRENE Plystyrene (1/32 inch or .0312"): is a durable and thin plastic - flexible board suitable for all types of advertising. Lightweight smooth plastic material printed on Flexible White Opaque Substrate; used for swappable signs placed in frame. These are printed with UV ink, for longer durability - scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant. Additional options are Gloss finish $5/$6 S1/S2 and FREE Trim. PVC Lightweight and Durable PVC Foam Signs, available sizes are 3mm (3/32 inch or .128") & 6mm (1/4 inch or .25") are non-yellowing, weatherproof, and can help keep your message looking great for years. White rigid signs are great for frame display. Additional options are Gloss finish $5/$6 S1/S2 and FREE Trim. FOAMCORE 4mm (3/16 inch or "almost .25"). Indoor / Outdoor purposes can be use with HD quality printing. These are so good for tag pictures and advertisements to the general public.

Business Essentials & Promotionals

Just Click Here "You will have a New ROYAL PRINTING E-Commerce Window for Shopping". You can quickly and easily capture more marketing materials, productive items, business essentials and promotional marketing materials. Introducing the private-label e-store service that’s far different and more robust than other vendor-provided e-commerce services. We made it easy for you to sell a breadth of products—including popular checks, forms, and holiday cards—and simple for your customers to buy them. Pick a template, choose the products you want to sell and set your ideal margin.

Mesh Banners $4.99

Mesh banners: are 8 oz. can be used for Indoor/outdoor purposes. Don't worry about the Air Flow; it has 37% of Air Flow capability. Single piece maximum size 10' x 145' w/o pocket and 9.5' x 145' w/ pocket with High resolution printing 720 x 72, offering FREE Corner Welding, Plates and Grommets. Rope and Pole Pockets are our low cost services.

Fabric Banners $2.99 / $5.99 / $9.99

Fabric Banners are suitable for table tops, photo backdrops, and elegant pop display. These are Wrinkle Free, durable, scratch resistant & washable. Fabric Banner (9 oz. Wrinkle Free) $2.99: Maximum size 8'x 100' with High resolution printing 720 x 720. Three layered woven Fabric is 100% Polyester with wrinkle resistant and low light reflective. Fabric Banner (9.5oz. Blockout) $5.99: Maximum size 8'x 100' with High resolution printing 720 x 720. Standard Cloth Fabric Banners $9.99: Maximum size 5.66' x 20' with High resolution printing 720 x 720'. These are Polyestercotton mixed banners are double layer of acrylic coatin is privent light reflection significantly enhance the brilliance and vividness of the colors. Perfect for applications to stop flash and glare such as for photo backdrop. Standard Banners are Weather Protected with UV Coated & Water Resistant, Options are Sewing & Grommets.

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Table Throw - Custom Color $200

Our standard size is 6ft with 3 sided covering (Back Open). For the 4side Covering add +$30 more to the price. We sell 8ft Table Cover with 3side covering $230. For the 4 side Covering add +$30 more to the price. We can brand our company with less expensive and simple way. Our 8oz polyester Table through with custom color print covers all rounded corners and hangs approximately 2" above the floor. Our high resolution full color digital print (720 x 720 dpi) highlights – washable and scratch resistant. 6ft table cover drapes over 3 or 4 sided of a 72" x 30" x 30" areas & 8ft table cover drapes over 3 or 4 sides of a 96" x 30" x 30" areas.


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Table Runner Print/Solidcolor Cover

Table Runner: Our full color print table runner available sizes are "24-60(Two Multiples) x 72-80-90"; for example 24 x 72, 26 x 72,..60 x 72. Table runners are versatile and drape over the front, top, and back of your trade show or registration event tables with style and flare at an extremely affordable prices. Table Cover: (Solid Color) with no Print (8.8oz polyester fabric) are available in 6 colors (White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & Green) available sizes are 6' & 8' with covered at four sides. Combo: Furll Color Print Table Runner + Solid Color Table Cover are the same price of TABLE THROW.


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Adhesive Signs

5 Year Rating PVC can be use for indoor/outdoor Purposes "Car, Truck, Office, Business, Store. We offer FREE Contour Cut & Gloss / Matte Lamination Finish. ONE WAY WINDOW / WINDOW PERFORATE : 8Mil Perforated White Vinyl with single side printing 50/50 Visibility, is durable and long lasting. It can be used for indoor/outdoor Purposes (Car/Truck/OFFICE/BUSINESS/STORE). It always Advertise to Outside, and Visible from the Inside. We Offer Low Cost Installation Services for our local Detroit Tri-County areas.


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Dualview Window

Our Dualview Window Graphics have Low-Tac adhesion can simply apply to the inside of your window, facing outward for double-sided. The "back" image will be printed with adhesive, check with counter cut options. Offering Low Cost Installation services for our local areas & Detroit Tri-Counties.


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Window Decals

An unused space can use into an effective advertisement. This thick and low-tack adhesive can apply in any cleaned or flat surface and easy to reposition. Offering Low Cost Installation services for our local areas & Detroit Tri-Counties.


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Bulk Order discount for Booklet Stickers,Business Card Stickers, Mail Label Stickers, Product Label Stickers, Bumper Stickers, Name Tag Stickers and much more !!. Our standard size is Rectangle shaped and available sizes are 1 x 3, 1.5 x 3, 2x3.5, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6, 2x8, 3x4, 3x6, 3x9, 3.5x3.5, 4.5x4.5, 5x8, 5.5x5.5, 6x9, 8.5x11. We are offering high-quality full-color stickers printed on 60 lb. Gloss Coated Crack and Peel with FREE High Gloss UV lamination finish. Our minimum quantity orders are starting from #100. Please contact us for custom ordering sizes!

Product Labels / Roll Labels

Cost-effective way of labels can be used for Bottles, Glasses, Boxes, Bags, Bins, Logos, Books Packing and much more. We are offering various sizes & shapes with multiple type of materials. Our normal offering shapes are “Circle, Starburst, Oval, Rounded Square and Rounded Rectangle”. Our High-quality full-color Labels are printed on “Clear BOPP (Indoor), White BOPP (Indoor):- Can easy to write with Matte Finish, White Textured Estate #8 (Whine Label) , White Vinyl (Indoor & Outdoor)” finished with Clear Gloss Lamination or Matte Finish. Our minimum quantity orders are starting from #250.

Silver Foil BOPP Labels

Developed for synthetic face materials due to its excellent clarity and adheres well to non-polar surfaces.

Laid Textured Labels

Specifically designed for glass containers. A Great options for wine labels, gourmet foods, and beverages!. We have Cream Laid & White Laid Textured Labels. Shapes are Starburst, Circle, Rounded Square, Rounded Rectangle and Oval.

Window Clings

Display advertisements on glass surface; offering single sided with 4 mil Gloss White Static. It hold the decal firmly in place and do not require any adhesive; recommended to wet the installation area on the glass before installation. Offering Low Cost Installation services for our local areas & Detroit Tri-Counties.


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24 inch maximum width with 30mil under the size of 18" x 12"_$24, 24" x 12"_$30, 24" x 18"_$42, 42" x 12"_$60, 72" x 24"_$180. Business Card Magnets#500_$90. Plese check with us for the Rounded Corners.


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Free:Local Pickup / Fast Shipping

We are offering "FREE - FedEx Overnight Shipping" (limited up to 10lb). Over 10lb; we will charge low cost shipping. Up on your request we will provide "7 days a week" - Door to Door Direct Delivery / Event Location Spot Delivery (Metro Detroit Local Areas only).

Classic Receipts Book Carbonless

Pre Setup Book: Our best-selling receipt BOOKS are Pre-setup one (No Setup Charge); can insert Address, Phone and Logo; make it easy to write up & record cash payments! Customers get a clean, professional receipt while you get a permanent duplicate with light securely or plain. We are offering FREE wire-bound desk book with available corlors are "Blue, Shadeblue, Gold & White; imprinting your custom logo with organized. Bottom copy stays bound in book for a permanent record. Please note: Quantities are number of forms; not Books.